First Lesson


Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled lesson time. If you arrive late you cannot be guaranteed your full lesson time. Let yourself in, take off your shoes, hang up your coat and wash your hands.

Items to bring to your first and every lesson at the studio:

A Fine Violin & New Strings:

Please retain the finest instrument available to the student regardless of it’s size. When it comes to student violins, many sold are more like toys than instruments. A lower quality instrument makes learning to play that much difficult!

Violins come in different sizes, from 1/16th to full size instruments. Depending on the height of your child, you will need to get fitted for the appropriate size instrument.

Miss Chantelle Violin Studio has a limited number of violins to rent to beginning students. You will be sized at your first lesson. If you’d like to purchase a violin, I strongly recommend the following shops:

Other Items:

  • Note book and pencil
  • Three ring binder, size: 1 inch (For the many handouts!)
    *Please avoid binders that have a zipper! They do not sit well on music stands and often fall off!

Items to have at home:

  • Music Stand
  • Practice Space